How do you capture media interest in today's fast-paced and noisy landscape? What do they want from you? Understand the psyche of the media, and gain insights into the two-way relationships that will help you maintain some control over your message.


Wherever you are, your presentations are live performances with a live audience – an ongoing show that is continuously evaluated by others. This is why actors have much to teach us. Through techniques used in acting—breathing, vocal exercises and body movement—participants will gain confidence and grasp the power of non-verbal communication; that will be useful in various scenarios, including presentations, casual settings and Press conferences.

One-on-one coaching sessions are  available for C-level and senior executives preparing for specific presentations or who are looking for that extra magic to command the stage.

We also offer standalone modules on body language and interview skills (how do you fare in front of the camera or at a Press conference?) .


Some of the most important learning experiences occur when you really step outside the cubicle. If you and your team are looking for a fun day that may also produce unexpected insights about your personalities and group dynamics, consider these 1-day workshops which are designed to introduce you to skills in areas probably unrelated to your work!
• Acting
• Scriptwriting
• Memoir-writing


Where your reputation is concerned, a crisis can either solidify it, or destroy it entirely. Learn about formulating an effective crisis communications plan, identifying vulnerabilities as well as preparing key messages and spokespersons.


You may have a good company and a good product, but what about a great story? This is important externally (with media, customers and partners) and internally (among staff, a strong narrative increases their sense of belonging, and empowers them to further share the story). This module helps you look into the DNA of your company and build strong, lasting and relatable narratives that survive business cycles.


In a world that celebrates lives as told on social media, we are losing touch with essential skills that allow us to engage with each other face-to-face. These intangible qualities: self-awareness, confidence and the ability to empathise with colleagues, customers and even friends have been taken over by the need to post a pretty picture and gain the most likes. This unique workshop introduces participants to fundamental skills in knowing oneself and knowing others, creating a base for us to participate and be part of a community.


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